The destination

Portugal is a beautiful and well-ordered country, surrounded by parklands, pristine beaches, and valleys of North a premier wine region. You’ll find a strong sense of community usually reserved for small towns, combined with the vibrant activity of its capital Lisbon.

1. Quality Education

Portuguese education offers a qualified network of universities, promoting close collaboration with institutions of international standing.
Portugal has a proud history of academic excellence and despite its relatively small population, it’s home to some of the world’s best universities, also ranked  as being among the world´s best.

2. Affordable

Portugal is renowned for its affordability and quality of life. This means students will be able to save more money to experience all the exciting opportunities. The average cost of tuition fees of higher education is low (tuition can be paid annually or in instalment, depending per degree and per University).

3. Safety First

Portugal has low indicators for violent crime, being rated as the 3rd safest country in the world (Global Peace Index).

4. Schengen Country

Students who are not citizens of any European country yet still wish to study in Europe must apply for a Schengen student visa. Together with the visa, if the duration of the studies is longer than 90 days as it happens with most of the students that wish to complete a whole academic year or even more, students must also apply for the residency permit that allows to reside in the designated country for a period of one whole year. Being Portugal a Shchengen member, visa will allow to students to travel to 26 member countries.

5. Learning Portuguese

Portugal is one of those countries where people actually make an effort to understand you in the street, whether you speak to them in English, Spanish or even Hindi. If you have the chance to learn Portuguese, you’ll be speaking the world’s sixth most spoken language: this is a great career booster, since it can help students to build links with people in four different continents.

6. Hospitality & Weather

The Portuguese society has a very unique reputation for being hospitable. Portugal, and specially Lisbon has warmly received new people and cultures, and after a first meeting, it’s all about hugs, kisses, food and wine. And of course, the sweet Portuguese weather! Most years Portugal only receive around 90 rainy days across the country – and regions in the south of Portugal, like Alentejo and the Algarve, can reach more than 300 sunny days every year.

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