Java & Javascript FullStack Bootcamp in Lisbon

Java & JavaScript FullStack Bootcamp
  • 3City: Lisbon
  • 2Study pace: Full time
  • 3Length: 14-weeks
  • 1Language: Portuguese
  • 2Start date: January
  • 3Education level: Intensive Bootcamp
  • Overview

    Since 2015, more than 400 people – the big majority of which with no previous coding experience whatsoever – have graduated from this 14-week intensive & immersive bootcamp and are now working as happily employed software developers in more than 50 renowned IT companies and software houses, based both in Portugal and abroad.

    Its ever growing employability rate (currently ranked at 96%) – alongside with the academic excellence of its syllabus and their trademark disruptive and fun-loving culture – are the main reasons why this course has been increasingly looked upon as Lisbon’s coolest and most effective intensive programming bootcamp.

    Its candidates are expected to leave it all behind and, for three and a half months, embrace a fully immersive schedule of (give or take) 14-hour days (weekends included) in order to get their dream job as Junior Fullstack Developers.
    Each class is cared for by a team of very attentive, demanding and tough-loving that will spare no effort in order not just to turn the candidates into great programmers but also to make them excel at producing the “sexiest” code ever known to mankind.

    If you are looking for a fast and solid career change done within a “work-hard-party-even-harder” environment, this is definitely the course you are meant to take

  • Program

    Programming in Java

    Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
    Version Control Systems
    Java Programming Language
    Object Oriented Programming

    Advanced Concepts and Tools

    Documentation and Code Conventions
    Network Programming
    Concurrent Programming
    Software Engineering
    Build Systems

    Databases, Frameworks and Web Development

    Relational Database Management Systems
    Java Database Connectivity
    Java Persistence
    Spring Framework
    Java Web Programming


    JS Fundamentals
    Frontend Web Development
    jQuery Library

  • Requirements

    The selection process for each bootcamp entails four separate steps, three of each performed online and a final one-day workshop that is held already at the campus the candidate is applying for.

    The first step is for the candidate to take online a “Computer Science 101” course, in order to obtain its “Certificate of Accomplishment” in a PDF format.

    The second step is to submit and upload an Online Form, together with that very same certificate previously obtained, providing answers to all of its questions.

    The third step involves taking online an “Introduction to JavaScript” course and solving also remotely a JavaScript based Code Challenge.

    If the applicant’s Code Challenge proves that he has successfully learnt all the given JS basics, he can then move on to the next (and final) step.

    That final step is attending a 1-day workshop at the campus, comprised of a JavaScript class, another Code Challenge and a “one-on-one” interview with a team of Master Coders.

    The applicants who will have a better overall performance throughout that day, will be admitted to the bootcamp.

  • Fees

    • Tuition fee : 7.500€ per bootcamp
    • Scholarship: Outstanding applicants might be awarded a scholarship by a sponsoring company that will reduce the course’s fee to 4.500€ (as a requirement the applicants should be willing to commit to relocate to Lisbon and to work in that sponsoring company after the bootcamp for a year).